Between The Lines Vol. XII


Your idea should be a continuous story
that lives on all relevant touch points.



A short but sweet list, jam packed with in-depth articles about mindfulness, passion and design:

  1. Design is more than aesthetics and pretty colors combined. Read this six pillars of design principles and maybe incorporate it into your work and let the magic happen.
  2. Our era is all about multi-tasking and juggling between things that need to get done, but the art of mindfulness is the opposite and in order to produce meaningful work we need to be present and sane in our process.
  3. Having a purpose gives us clarity and discipline and in order for us to have the answers we seek, we must ask ourselves these five questions to discover our greater calling.
  4. Figure out what you love doing in this comprehensive guide to the cliche of finding your passion by Zen Habits. Trust me, you’ll want to read it.

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