Candy Social Stars

Candy Social Stars was all about seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Prior to the event, I was virtually invited by Jen to the gathering and asked Abbey if she was coming as well. During our art jam a few weeks back, we both agreed that we’d go together. On the day itself, I was seated in a table full of creatives, and gained new friends, Selina and Cassy. The four of us (Selina, Cassy, Abbey and I) instantly clicked over common interests and passions, and of course, the three-course meal served at Le Petit Souffle.

I must admit, we were one of the noisiest tables in the bunch, and we thoroughly enjoyed one another’s company and high spirits. It’s one of those gatherings that I absolutely had fun.

The event was opened by the lovely ladies of The Three of Uswho sang their cover versions of Enchanted, Roses and Middle. Their voices were captivating and harmonious, as you have probably heard from the film I stitched together. (The track was recorded at the event itself!)

I was also surprised and incredibly honored to be featured in Candy Magazine‘s 50 To Follow in their July Issue. If Abbey hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have guessed it at all!

Thanks to Candy Team for throwing a remarkable party!

DSCF5969-2 DSCF5961-2

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