El Paradiso

A paradise of blues and greens,
crystalline waters and jaded trees.
Where you wake up to a dream,
with the melody of the roaring seas
and the gentle breeze;

Fading like the last sunset
As we start anew.

The island amidst the blues of the ocean that I saw during our plane’s descent was the promise of a breathtaking stay in El Nido, Palawan. I’ve heard of the stories and allure of this tropical wonderland and have always dreamt of going. When we finally did, no words can describe the magnificence that Mother Nature graced this island. From clear blue waters to luscious flora, from stunning coral reefs to exotic fishes, from hidden lagoons to open seas — it’s a long list of why this is every man’s dreamland. If I can live here (probably survive on coconuts day in, day out), I totally would.

Above is a short poem I wrote inspired by the beauty of El Nido. Like I mentioned before, it was like waking up to a dream. From boat rides, to island hopping, to exploring caves — all of it felt surreal.

Keep shining and spread the love

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