Framed In Negatives: Legion of Honors

San Francisco, California, 2017   |   Canon AE-1, Kodak Tri-X 400

The week before I officially turned 22, my mom came to visit and I had another excuse to be in San Francisco for a few days. Before meeting my mom at the hotel, Josh and I drove to the Legion of Honors and were lucky enough to have a random old man give us two free tickets to see Monet’s legendary works.

To say Impressionism is now my favorite era in the art world is putting it mildly. He was a master of the craft and I fell head over heels with the first painting I glimpsed on the exhibit’s wall. Without even realizing it, everything that I’ve learned in class came pouring out from this visit. Funny enough all those hours sitting in lecture, enduring critiques and analyzing artworks (Abstract Paintings are the worst!) does have its use. I realized that I’m able to appreciate artworks now more so than I ever have and in a deeper sense too, noticing the little details that I otherwise wouldn’t have in the past. Not to mention, how my critical skills and eloquence in the art verse expanded. Ask me to look at a piece of work and I would probably have a thing or two to say about its composition, technique, initial feelings, and all that nonsense and compose a structured critique based from what I see.

But enough of that nonsense and back to Monet. Claude Monet. His works are a dream. My dream. Down to the details of his highlights and shadows to his palette choice. Everything about his collection of paintings is a masterpiece. If you’re an art enthusiast, don’t miss the chance to visit the exhibit at Legion of Honors which will run through until the end of May.

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