Galerie Huit


Left / Right: Jamshid Haghighat Shenas (SHENAS)


Bottom / Top: Mohsen Jamalinik


Bottom: Farsad Labbauf


From our recent trip to Sheung Wan, we were able to cross out 3 of the 6 galleries we planned on visiting — two of which had an opening reception and exhibit during that same night. While the previous entry, consisted of our mural sightings, this one features a glimpse to one of the galleries we visited.

Two months ago, Galerie Huit opened it’s doors to it’s latest exhibition: “A Postcard From Persia“. It brings together works by five emerging Iranian contemporary artists, namely: Ali Esmaeilipour, Darvish Fakhr, Jamshid Haghighat Shenas, Farsad Labbauf and Mohsen Jamalinik.

Upon entering the gallery, I was immediately drawn to the composition of each work. The paintings were extremely expressive and raw. In particular, I absolutely admired Shenas’ pieces, which vividly and seamlessly combines geometric patterns and still-life subjects. In addition, I also loved the structure and linework of Labbauf’s art, while Jamalinik’s painting and technique was a sight to behold.

The opening reception at Galerie Huit was pretty mellow compared to it’s next door neighbour; another gallery that also celebrated it’s opening night. We found the other one too crowded for our liking, so we hung around here for the most part. It gave us more time to contemplate, appreciate and immerse ourselves with the contemporary artworks.

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