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Lola & Daisies White Dress, 

Cool Girls Club ‘Root Beer Float’ Sunnies, 
Hush Puppies ‘Talia Aida’ Body Shoe

Comfort and versatility. Two key things that my wardrobe consists of. When it comes to choosing my clothing, I always opt for something that would go well with anything and everything. Which is why my closet staples mainly consists of whites, blacks and browns. Anyone who knows me well, knows that these are my default colors because I can easily pair them with anything. No time for me to think twice and through what I have to wear for the day. I like to keep things simple, neat, and classy. 

The new Hush Puppies Body Shoe Collection consisted of a line of slip-on sandals made for on-the-go, everyday comfort and flexibility. It’s lightweight and perfect for walking to the gym, going to the farmer’s market, grabbing a drink from my favorite café or simply running errands around town. Talk about styled for motion. For someone active like me and would rather take long walks as opposed to commuting, this pair is the perfect fit for my daily tasks. Living in the Bay Area conditioned me to walk for miles on end, especially with the friendly pedestrian lanes. It’s all about where your feet takes you. 

I can’t wait to bring this with me back home. Bring on the long walks, San Francisco.

P.S. Can I just say how gorgeous this is in Barley Leather? Seriously my style. What do you think?

Photos by Jeline Catt | Style & Editing by Jamie Catt

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