Joshua Tree


The 2 hour sunny drive towards the land of twisted, bristle trees (which goes by the name Joshua Trees) was a change in scenery from the palm trees and mountain ranges that bordered Palm Springs. We went for a day trip: stopping by the farmer’s market at the location and leisurely driving around the park. It was windy and cold but the harsh weather will never spoil the beauty of the desert landscape. It was dotted with with rich vegetation and rock formations, from huge boulders to a variety of bushes. It’s places like these where I dream of chasing sunsets and camping out to gaze at the star glittered night sky.

As usual, I took this opportunity to breathe in and gather inspiration from my surroundings; from the different textures down to the color palettes that the Universe created in that time and place. It’s moments like these that I marvel at how relatively small I am compared to the world around me.

The world is magnificent and I’m glad to be living in a life full of wonder and breathtaking creations.

Keep shining and spread the love

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