Cabins & Summer Lakes

Lake Tahoe, 2017   |  Canon AF35M II, Kodak Portra 160

Nostalgia. That’s what these images call out to me. Tagging along with my brother and his friends over the weekend in Lake Tahoe meant bunking in a cabin and spending hot afternoons either hiking or sitting down by the lake.

Glistening blue waters. Aromatic pine trees. Hot summer days. Cool winter nights. It was an epitome of summer versus winter. A blend of both seasons where magical sceneries bombarded my senses. It was my first time seeing Lake Tahoe in all its summer glory. I’ve only been there during winter where the lake was frozen and snow surrounded every surface I trudged upon. My brother would always mention how the lake is magnificent when it was thawed. Now I’m a witness to that magical scene too.

This is a vivid reminder of the shift in season. We’re in that moment right now. I find it timely to share this with you when we’re sitting at the edge of Spring. We’re approaching yet another season where the sun starts to chase away the frigid weather; where the days are longer and the nights are shorter; where the sun shines brighter than any other.

I can finally feel that tingling warmth. The season is changing. 

Summer, you’re so close I can almost feel you.

(One more month, folks, and I’m free.) For now, this is my silver lining. Or should I say, summer lining.

Keep shining and spread the love

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