Palm Springs

Nestled in between the mountains where the sun is brighter and a hundred times warmer, Palm Springs is the epitome of what I would picture California to be.

Or SoCal, at least.

From the visuals that Hollywood graced us with, I grew up imagining this to be the very image. From local indie shops to the numerous cafes, we found ourselves going through the stores, purchasing knick knacks we fancy but don’t really need and then going for a coffee break. The day was warm and the town was quiet. A perfect day to just stroll and mill around with my sister.

The night before I stayed up late to wait for my friends, Gabe and Josh to arrive. They drove all the way from Minnesota and decided to stay the night. The next morning after breakfast, we took some time to simply bask in the beauty of the moment. The sun was shining, the wind was getting crazy but it was all smiles and laughter before we all parted ways. It was a moment that I’ll keep close to my heart. Just thinking about it makes me nostalgic.

Scroll on below to see more visuals from this story. This is part of a two-story series that is tied to the video above. Read the other story here, where I share with you a few moments from our trip to the snowy mountains of Mt. San Jacinto through riding Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

Keep shining and spread the love

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