Snowy Mountains

Can you believe that just a cable car ride away you can be transported to winter wonderland?

From a distance, the snowcapped mountains seem ominous but being there feels like you’re in an entirely different place. Perhaps my portal of imagination that’s fueled by reading innumerable stories makes the this place a thousand times magical. I’ve only encountered snow twice, this being the second, and as much as I hate the slippery, cold feeling, it never takes away the wonder and beauty of the weather. Despite the snow slowly thawing off during our visit, we still had a lovely take of the scenery. Going on a little hike-slash-photowalk while freezing our noses and hands off was a terrible idea that we just brushed off by speed walking and laughing until we ran out of breath.

As always, I was left speechless and full of visual inspiration that I gathered from my surroundings. Some of the things that inspired me I included in this visual diary, like the patterns and palette on the fallen tree bark.

Scroll on below to see more visuals from this story. This is part of a two-story series that is tied to the video above. Read the next story here, where I share with you a few moments from our walk around the town of Palm Springs.

Keep shining and spread the love


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