Summer Frames

My archive is bursting with untouched and forgotten photos. As I spend this cozy Saturday in the comfort of my bed and blankets, I took the time to sift through my polaroids and nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks. Summer is three months away and I’m longing for the warm weather and salty air. There’s nothing like a slice of paradise being near the ocean. Hawaii will always be my dream.

From cycling to neighboring beaches, to watching Sunday polo matches, to collecting sea glasses, to having midnight bonfires under the stars and to hiking mountains under the scorching sun. It’s a never-ending adventure and experience with nature and the beauty of each moment.

More than that, I miss having spontaneous trips with my sister: from hopping around the bus drenched in rain and mud so we could go into the city, to cafe hunting and working on our laptops for hours, and to having movie nights and eating our way through the fridge in search for midnight snacks. Every single moment is a cherished dream.

Here’s to summer nights, warmer climates and magical days.

Keep shining and spread the love

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