Westwind Drive-In Movie

Finally scratching off ‘drive-in movie‘ from my mental bucket list. Two weeks ago, we drove all the way to Sacramento to indulge ourselves in a movie night. The films were back-to-back and among the list of showings that night, we chose to watch the remake of Breaking Point and Creed.

Despite the freezing weather, the car provided a toasty and comfy atmosphere for the film watching. It felt straight out of the 60’s era where drive-in movies made its peak. Being aficionados of the vintage era and old-fashioned settings, my sister and I were enthusiastic about the whole experience. It was a laidback and classic alternative to watching movies in its entirety.

Back in the days, things felt more authentic and simple. This concept should be widely adapted and brought back to this day and age. If there were more of this, I  would certainly choose it over the theaters. But hey, that’s just me and my retro self speaking.

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